Your contract is made with IDEE GLOBUS TOURS PVT. LTD. These booking conditions have been formulated as a result of our responsibilities under the law. They do not affect your statutory rights.


All bookings are made and accepted subject to the terms set out in these conditions which, when applied to the information set out in our brochure, form the entire agreement between IDEE GLOBUS TOURS PVT. LTD and yourself.


When you or your travel agent requests a booking with IDEE GLOBUS TOURS PVT. LTD, we will, if we are able to accept such bookings, ask you to pay 25% deposit per person. Provisional Invoice/confirmation will be sent to you or to your travel agents for the balance of monies due. Full payment is required 4 weeks prior to departure. If you are departing within 4 weeks then the total holiday cost in full at the time of booking. NOTE: We will not accept the liability if incorrect advice / information given to you by your travel agent unless this information /advice was given by us to him/her when you sign the booking form you are confirming that you have understood, and have accepted our booking conditions. For flight tickets on special fares or bookings where the supplier (hotel or airline) demands a deposit or full payment, the booking conditions of the supplier will apply and will be informed to you with the proforma invoice.


Prices are fixed at the time of booking and will not be subject to surcharges. The only exception to this is an increase in our costs as a result of any government action including but not limited to new or increased taxes such as increase in fuel charges, hotel taxes etc. In case of increase in the holiday costs more than the total costs 10% of the holiday price, you will be entitled to cancel your holiday with a full refund of money paid deducting 10% service charges. Whilst we reserve the right to change our prices at any time before you book, including any special offer we may from time to time have, which may or may not be the same as set out in our publicity materials, the price of your holiday is confirmed at the time of booking will not be increased unless you subsequently amend the booking.


Payment can be made to us by electronic transfer to our bank accounts or by creditcard. We accept only Visa and Mastercard.


Where travel and health documents are necessary to comply with the requirements of any STATE/COUNTRY you may wish to visit, then it is your responsibility to procure them. Failing to obtain any such documents results in fines, surcharges or other financial penalty being imposed upon us, then you shall reimburse us accordingly. You must ensure to consult your doctor, if necessary , of specific health precautions deemed prudent for the country / resort you intend to visit and comply with appropriate medication / inoculation.


If you wish to change your plans in any way and we can accept the changes, a charge of INR 5000 or its equivalent in your currency per Person will apply provided that your instructions in writing are received more than 60 days prior to departure. Thereafter except as provided by applicable law, cancellation charges as specified in condition 7 below apply.


You or any member of your party may cancel your holiday at any time providing that the cancellation is made in writing by the person who made the original booking and is communicated to us in writing either direct or via your travel agent. We cannot action any cancellation until such time as the written instruction is received by ourselves. You will receive a refund of the amount paid, less cancellation fee specified below.

Period Before Departure Date. That Letter of Cancellation is Received. Cancellation Charges as % of Total Holiday Price

More than 60 days: Deposit only

60 Days or less But 29 Days or more: 30%

29 Days or less But 15 Days or more: 40%

14 Days or less but 7 days and more 50%

7 days & less OR “NO SHOW”: 90%

Note :If some, but not all, Party members cancel additional charges may be payable by the remaining members eg: Under Occupancy Charges.


It is unlikely that we will have to amend your booking. Occasionally changes may be made which we reserve the right to do any time. Most of these changes are minor and we will advise you or your travel agent at the earliest possible date. In case of changes, you may decide whether or not to accept the change although you must let us know by return. As we do not control the day to day management of your accommodation, it is possible that we may be advised that the reserved accommodation may not be suitable or available to you

upon arrival at resort. If this happen, we will endeavor to provide accommodation of at least the same standard in the same Resort/Hotel Area. If only accommodation of a lower standard is available then we will refund the difference of the brochure price between the accommodation booked. IMPORTANT NOTE:We will not pay any compensation for changes which arise as a result of situation outside of our control such as technical or maintenance problems which means of transportation, changes imposed by re-scheduling or cancellation of flights by an airline or train or threat of war, civil strife, industrial disputes, natural disaster bad weather or terrorist activity.


We reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel your holiday. However, in no case will we cancel your holiday less that 4 weeks before the schedule departure date unless it is for reasons outside of our control (see example given in the IMPORTANT NOTE in condition 8 above) or for late or non-payment by you. If we have to cancel your holiday ( other than for late or nonpayment by you) we will offer you either an alternative holiday of comparable type, though, if the alternative offered is at additional cost, the difference will be payable by you, and any “No surcharge Guarantee” on the original booking will not apply, or A full refund of all money paid which is the only recompense which will be due to you.


We accept responsibility for the acts and / or omissions of our employees, agents, suppliers and sub- contractors while acting within the scope of in the course of their employment with us and for any deficiencies in the services we are contractually obliged to provide or the failure of such services to reach a reasonable standard. In any such case our liability shall be limited to a maximum of one time the value of the original holiday cost. We do not accept responsibility in respect of death, bodily injury or illness of any person taking one of our holiday except when caused by the negligent acts and / or omissions of our employees, agents, suppliers or sub-contractors while acting within the scope of / or in the course of their employment agency contract of supply or subcontract, although where the services in question consist of carriage by air, by rail or by road or the provision of the accommodation, the limit of our liability shall be provided under the relevant international convention or domestic law as applicable. We are not liable for other arrangements beyond these made specifically by us, but IDEE GLOBUS TOURS PVT. LTD also undertakes, should you or any member of your party suffer illness, personal injury or death, through any misadventure during your holiday out of an activity which does not form part of your holiday arrangements, nor part of an excursion pre-sold by us, we shall offer the assistance in pursuing any claim you intend making against the offending party. This includes advice and guidance and may include a contribution towards initial legal costs and expenses, which in our opinion are reasonable and appropriate in the circumstances up to the limit of $100 or equivalent in Rs. per booking form, provided that you request such assistance within 30 days from the date of the alleged misadventure.


We are neither a carrier nor a provider of accommodation. Each journey (whether undertake or not) that you book by air, land or sea is governed by the conditions of the carrier who undertakes to provide that carriage. Some of these conditions limit or exclude liability and are often the subject of international agreements. Copies of applicable conditions are available for inspection at the offices of the carrier concerned or through ourselves. It is your own responsibility to reconfirm the onward or return journey of any air travel with the carrier

concerned or such carrier duly authorised agent and according to such carrier’s regulations. When you book accommodation (whether provided or not.) its availability or provision is subject to the “house rules” of the accommodation concerned.


We do our best to ensure that your travel arrangements go according to plan. However, if you have a complaint arising out of what we have agreed to provide for you please let us know in writing at the earliest opportunity. If a problem arises during your holiday, it is important that you advise the supplier and/or representative at the earliest opportunity who will endeavor to put things right. If your complaint cannot be resolved locally ask our representative or agent to contact us immediately. This should be followed up within 20 days of your return home by writing to our office giving your original documents, reference number, copy of the report, filed with the local representative in resort/hotel and other relevant information. Your letter will be given prompt attention. If you fail to follow this simple procedure we cannot accept responsibility as we would have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate the matter and hopefully rectify the problem.


This contract is made on the terms of these booking conditions which are governed by INDIAN LAW and both parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the Indian Court at Chennai, India.